miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

My future..

People always have wishes and dreams, independently if they’ll come true one day or not. When we think what we want to do with our life we, inevitably, projected us.
Personally, I want to keep my friends, because they are important in my growth as an integral person. It’s logical that someone would change the place where he or she lives or other person could disappear from my life. That is because we don’t control the opportunities or dreams of others, no matter where, I hope the people that I love, could be happy in the future.
I want to finish my career and to have a prosperous job. Also I want to have my family with me, with good health and economic stability. I'd really like to have a small house, but welcoming.
For me, it’s not very important have a couple, and for that reason I don’t project myself with a boyfriend.   
In 15 years I’d see myself working in a nice place, with kind people. I’d see me with problems like all humans beings, but happy; with a good life, because that depends only of our willingness.

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

I can't die if I don't visit..

Everyone have a place that really wants to know, for one or another reason. For me, for example, it’s really important in life to travel. I will like to know lots of places, much as I can. But there’s a place that I think I really need to know. I can’t die if I don’t visit Italy. It is a beautiful place, full of history and art.
All my life I’ve heard about Italy: its geography, its history, its important persons, its art, in addition to the typical architectural construction, like the Pisa’s Towel and the Sancti Petri’s basilica. It’s a place that I know a lot for words and photos, so I‘d wish to be the experience to be there.
If I were in Italy I would visit all the possible cities and places and I would try to talk with a lot of people.
I will like to go to Italy with my parents and my best friend. My mom's dream has always been to meet Venetia, so if we were there she would be very happy. Something similar happens with my dad (because he loves traveling) and my best friend (because she is history student).
On balance, it will be a dream comes true to visit Italy, not only for me, but for my entire family.-

miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

The Stranger Term

Is middle of December and we're just beginning the second semester...
That is a very strange situation, but I think is normal if we notice that we were about 6 months in strike. There are a few bad thinks related with this situation, like to have to come to the university with infernal temperatures or been in class when other people are already on vacations. But I think the worst part is to lose an important number of classes and knowledge.
It also a very annoying to be in classes in the Christmas time, because I didn’t have enough time to do things that my family normally do in this period, like to assemble the Christmas tree or go to shopping with calm. And for the New Year’s view is not so much better, I will have a test on Monday 2nd January…
Even with these bad things I want to keep thinking that the strike wasn't a lost time.