miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

I can't die if I don't visit..

Everyone have a place that really wants to know, for one or another reason. For me, for example, it’s really important in life to travel. I will like to know lots of places, much as I can. But there’s a place that I think I really need to know. I can’t die if I don’t visit Italy. It is a beautiful place, full of history and art.
All my life I’ve heard about Italy: its geography, its history, its important persons, its art, in addition to the typical architectural construction, like the Pisa’s Towel and the Sancti Petri’s basilica. It’s a place that I know a lot for words and photos, so I‘d wish to be the experience to be there.
If I were in Italy I would visit all the possible cities and places and I would try to talk with a lot of people.
I will like to go to Italy with my parents and my best friend. My mom's dream has always been to meet Venetia, so if we were there she would be very happy. Something similar happens with my dad (because he loves traveling) and my best friend (because she is history student).
On balance, it will be a dream comes true to visit Italy, not only for me, but for my entire family.-

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  1. so sweet, i imagine that italy must be beautiful but very expensive to go :(

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