miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

How green I am?

Before, it was very difficult to learn about environmentally friendly practices, but I think know is easier. There is more ways to find information, now it not only exist radio and television, we also have internet (even with all the problems and polemics about the free flow of information online) and the awareness of people about this subject has increased.
In my life, I try to recycle, but it’s not so easy, because most garbage bins are not divided according to types of waste (cans, paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.). Even with these conditions, my family and I always try to separate some garbage (plastic bottles, tetrapack boxes, glass bottles) and recycle the organic trash into our garden.
Personally I try to do simple things to be friendly with the environment, like turn off the lights when I’m not using them, use only the necessary water or always use the public transport instead of the car (I can’t use my feet in almost all case, because I live too far from everywhere). But my commitment is not very strong, because I had never joined or supported any eco-organization; I had never had the necessary motivation. Or I had never really worry about my footprint, except for some basic things like stop taking sprays or open the refrigerator the least possible.
For that reason I’d like to be able to compromise me more with the issue, and have the opportunities and the enough motivation to help to improve our life conditions and the conditions of the entire world.
Although for that is necessary that the all society improve its conscience and its habits, and also it’s necessary that the city conditions and facilities for this issues improve, and of course, the most important is that the education about this issues improve and extend it for all the people.

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