miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

What is the sense of life?

This sentence is one of the most common questions.  Everybody, at least once in life, try to answer this difficult question.
Although people think about this, the results are variables. This is because we associate the answers with our own experience. We have personal dreams and projects, and we transform these into real engines to motivate our life and continue it, like a inspiring to stay alive.
On balance, the sense of life is defined by our experiences, our environment and the reality of the moment. At 15 years the road will be determined by individual dreams, independence and self-discovery. On the contrary, at 40 years the sense will be guided by the family, children, work and harmony.
Despite of that, these have in common that aim to improve daily living, enjoy the little moments and be happy people.  No matter the age or condition, we need something that help us to discover the world and life, because is only one. We have to learn about bad things and good things that we happen, look ahead and keep a joyful stay.

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